Hecco Molding Services

  • Plastic resin rotational molding production.
  • Design and support for the development of industrial products.
  • Design and support for the development of decoration products.
  • Design and support for the development of advertising and branding displays.
  • Custom rotational plastic molding production.
  • Custom fiber production.
  • Development and Manufacture of PVC displays for cosmetic.
  • Development and Manufacture of product branding displays.
  • Manufacture of busts mannequins.
  • Manufacture of hands for mannequins.
  • Manufacture of protective cases for electrical and electronic products.
  • Manufacture of decorative cases for electrical and electronic products.
  • Manufacturer of decorative light pvc lampshade.
  • Production of biomaterials educational toys.
  • Production of promotional products, corporate gifts and souvenirs.

New Project Development

Rotational Molding Industry

  • Products production by rotational molding in plastic resin.
  • Fiber Manufacturing.
  • Design and technical support for the development of new products.

Initial Phase

Study and design development of the new project according to customer requirements.
The client idea or project is designed in 3D software to create a model that can be analyzed and studied as a virtual prototype.
Executing a real prototype in high density materials such as wood, composite materials or other materials.
Approval of the prototype by the customer and template implementing for mass production.

Recommendations for production

Definition for the colors that will be part of the project.
Definition of surface finish and texture.
Recommendations for the material to be applied to production.
Recommendation for the wall thickness.
Packaging and expedition.

Tools and Inserts

Recommendations on metal parts or inserts which will be part of the final product.
Choice for the type of metal and surface finishing.

First test

The product mass production starts after the first prototype unit be approved.

Design e Engenharia

The beginning of a new project starts with a solid design or concept.

Submit us your prototype on which we will build the new mold for mass production using the technique of rotational molding.

Our design and technical departments may also attend to advise and optimize your design for production.

Whether the new project is one solid 3D model or just an idea on Hecco Molding we create strong partnerships with our customers to reach the end product fast and efficiently.

All projects are unique and not transmittable. We guarantee that your design will be unique and always protected.


Different materials can be used in rotational molding.

Hecco Molding has a wide range of materials and formulas to obtain a final product that meet the requirements of our customers.

Products can be created with high flexibility or extreme stiffness.

Our technical department can assist our clients choosing the best material for the intended application.

Insertions in the products

The possibility of metallic inserts in molded parts is an advantage in rotomolding. This possibility allows other elements being tight connected to the produced products.

We can draw a wide variety of inserts according our client needs.


All parts produced by rotational molding process can be painted, contain graphics or logos applied.

With an endless array of painting options, products can be converted into a unique and distinctive pieces.


The application possibilities for rotomolding products are endless:

  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical and therapeutic
  • Security
  • Toys
  • Playgrounds
  • Automobile
  • Displays and Advertising
  • Outdoors
  • Industry

Wide product range

There is an infinity of products that can be obtained by rotational molding with large shape diversity, different sizes, different colors, strength and security:

  • Tanks and reservoirs
  • Toolboxes
  • Paddling pools
  • Playgrounds
  • Product displays
  • Toys
  • Floating Products (boats, rafts, etc.)
  • Merchandising
  • Ornamental
  • Covers for electrical and electronic household

Convert your products

Improve the visual appearance of your product and save money. Convert the product of its fiber-glass, metal or other materials to thermal molded plastic.

A rotational molding ensures a better visual appearance, shorter production, reduced production cost and smaller initial investment for producing the mold.